Mike is one of the most visionary artists of our time. As a former Disney animator Mike doesn't just paint a mural, he tells a story. One that speaks to the heart of everyone who sees his murals.  Tina Price

Mike Cedeno is a versatile and very talented artist. We commissioned him to do a landscape that reflected an important memory from my childhood; his painting perfectly captures the view, but perhaps even more important reflects the heart and spirit of my memory. Susan F

Mike is truly gifted. I'm always drawn to his work whether it's a mural, landscape, Disney sketch or a charcoal drawing. I recently purchased an oil painting from him at a recent show in LA and love it. He's an amazing artist and person!  Kate E

I am fortunate to own a gorgeous Cedeno painting of eucalyptus and palm trees. Everyone who sees it comments on how stunning it is! My favorite sushi restaurant down the street has one of his murals painted on the wall. Mike's paintings are full of life and movement and he has an amazing sense of color. I love that every painting he does is completely unique, since he paints from life.  Emily Juliano

Mike Cedeno taught my son, Wilder, how to do draw the human figure. My son needed to build a portfolio to get into an art school. Mike provided him with twice weekly lessons on the fundamentals of drawing from life. These private sessions went on for over 2 months. They were valuable lessons and a great success. My son got accepted into two private art schools. He is now in his senior year and prepared to graduate in 2017. Mike's drawing skills and patience were a tremendous help.. Rebecca Reese

Versatile and talented artist and delightful individual, Mike Cedeno, is well known for his wonderful murals and creative character sketches. I am a proud collector of Mike's artwork, including an amazing portrait he painted of my husband that receives well deserved praise!  Marilu E